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Amphetamine (AMP)

Rapid CDIATM Amphetamine Test kits are intended to screen for the presence of amphetamine in human urine/saliva.

Amphetamines are central nervous system stimulants that produce alertness, wakefulness, increased energy, reduced hunger, and overall feeling of well-being. They are chemically related to the human body’s natural catecholamines: epinephrine and norepinephrine. Large doses and extended usage can result in higher tolerance levels and physiological dependency leading to substance abuse. The effect of Amphetamines generally last 2-4 hours following use, and the drug has a half-life of 4-24 hours in the body. About 30% of Amphetamines are excreted in the urine in unchanged form, with the remainder as hydroxylated and deaminated derivatives.

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