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A Naked-Eye Semi-Quantitative LFI System

Lateral flow colloidal gold-based lateral flow immunoassays is a convenient, sensitive and low-cost test method. However, electronic devices are needed for accurate quantification of the result, and the naked-eye observation can only provides very limited information related to the relative concentration comparison. Since this method is always performed in point-of-care, professional devices are not available and also cost too much time, we think it is useful to provide a system for the user to make a preliminary quantitative test of the samples.

Here we CDIA test provide a new system for semi-quantitative measure of the analytes. With series of optimization, the lines on the strip can mark for different cut-off values, thus users can distinguish the low, moderate and high concentration with a valid standard. And with more lines added, this method should be able to distinguish the concentration in a broader range.


If you have any ideas or questions related to this semi-quantitative system, please feel free to contact us, we would be honored to communicate with you on this technique.


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