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An introduction to the DNA Dendrimer

DNA is widely used in different formats of detection methods. Scientists have developed a new design to take advantage of the characteristics of DNA, that is, the DNA dendrimer.

Scientists have developed multi-arm or lattice-like structure of DNA as early as 1986 or 1988. Years later, a hybridization method to assemble the DNA dendrimer (then called as dendritic nucleic acid) came into real.

There are two obvious advantages of this method. The first is with a minimal amount of structure elements, the dendrimer can contact and occupy a quite large area. This feature would benefit the conjugation of antibodies and labels like HRP. A very high ratio of label/dendrimer can be reached.

For the second advantage, the growth of the dendrimer can be controlled to yield the optimal size and molecular weight.

Now the CDIATM Test applies this DNA dendrimer amplification technology into the development of lateral flow strip development, with the excellent features of it, the signal generated by the analytes can be amplified significantly. And of cause this would reduce the level of detection largely. The sensitivity is usually improved by a factor of 10-25.

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