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Magnetic Particles Magnify The Sensitivity

CDIA test is always dedicated to reduce the limits of detection as much as possible to reach a ultrasensitive method. Here, we will introduce the magnetic particles-based system to raise the sensitivity of lateral flow immunoassays.

First, magnetic nanogold microspheres (MnGMs) are constructed. By conjugating the antibodies with the MnGMs, the nanogold particle number of the nanocomposite is increased. Thus, for unit concentration analytes, they can bind with more colloidal gold. With less analytes needed to accumulate enough colloidal gold to reach a certain intensity of the signal, the LOD should be reduced significantly.

This figure is an example of the magnetic particles-based system applied to test a kind of small molecule (aflatoxin) : (the lower line is the test line, when there is no signal in the test line, it is a positive result.)

If you if you are interested in this method, please don’t hesitate to contact us, it would be our pleasure to communicate with you on this issue.


Tang D, Sauceda J C, Lin Z, et al. Magnetic nanogold microspheres-based lateral-flow immunodipstick for rapid detection of aflatoxin B2 in food[J]. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2009, 25(2): 514-518.

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