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CDIATM Clostridium Perfringens Epsilon Toxin Test Strip (DTS687)

* For research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Intended Use

  • Tissue
  • Strip

Product Introduction

Assay Procedure

Take a sample such as liquid intestinal contents or pericardial- or peritoneal fluid using the enclosed measuring spoon. If the samples are liquid, collect one level spoonful and dilute with the liquid contained in the bottle. Homogenize well, taking care to prevent foam formation. If the samples are solid, remove the excess amount with a spatula or clean object, then dilute and homogenize as indicated above. Plunge a strip, with the arrow pointing down, into the liquid.
The red portion of the strip must not be immersed in the liquid. Wait at most 10 minutes and interpret the result by comparing. To safeguard the reagents’ stability, take care to close the tube containing the strips immediately.

If you intend to use the strips with culture supernatant, you have first to dilute this at half in the liquid contained in the tubes. The best results are obtained with cultures made in TGY milieu in anaerobic conditions at 37°C (4 hours culture in tube without agitation)
Composition of TGY medium:
- trypticase (casein trypsic peptone): 30 g
- yeast extract: 20 g
- glucose: 1 g
- L-cysteine: 1 g
Dissolve the trypticase and the yeast extract in 950 ml water and autoclave it. Dissolve the glucose and the L-cysteine in 50 ml water and make a sterile filtration. When the 950 ml of milieu are cooled down, add the 50 ml glucose and cysteine.

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