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CDIATM Cucumber Mosaic Virus (CMV) Test Cassette (DTSPV4)

* For research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Intended Use

The test can be simply used to on-site and rapid detect CMV in infected host plant foliage, without requiring any special equipment or expertise to run.
  • infected host plant foliage
  • Cassette
  • high sensitivity comparable with ELISA

Product Introduction

General Description

CMV causes economically important diseases in a large variety of vegetable and horticultural crops, including over 1200 species in over 100 families of monocots and dicots, including many vegetables, ornamentals. The most common symptom is mosaic, and other symptoms include mottling, yellowing, flecking, dwarfing, and fern leaf. On average, losses of 10-20% are common by the infection, and in some instances the crop may still be harvested, but is of poorer quality and appearance. The virus can be transmitted from plant to plant both mechanically by sap and by aphids in a stylet-borne fashion, or transmitted in seeds.

Principle Of The Test

The development of rapid test strips is based on Lateral Flow Device (LFD) technology using specific antibodies. A LFD format consists of antibody-coated latex beads latex (or colloidal gold) which will bind the specific pathogen antigen absorbed from the plant extract. The agglutination is accumulated at a specific location by the presence of a line of target specific antibody, which immobilises the agglutinated latex whilst allowing the background reagents to be washed away by continued flow along the membrane. The membrane contains a strip of target-specific antibody, test strip and a strip of another antibody that binds to the specific antibody, control strip. Latex beads containing bound antigen are trapped on the test strip leaving a visible line. Surplus latex beads that do not contain antigen are trapped on the control strip showing that the assay has worked. This provides a non-subjective and clear read out of a positive result against a low background.

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