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CDIATM D-Dimer Immunofluorescence Test Cassette, Whole Blood/Plasma (DTSJYJ064)

* For research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Intended Use

The CDIATM D-Dimer Immunofluorescence Test Cassette is designed for quantitative determination of D-Dimer in human whole blood or plasma.
  • Whole Blood, Plasma
  • Kit
  • Quantitative: Detection limit, 0.1 mg/L; Linear rang, 0.1-10 mg/L

Principle Of The Test

The test uses an anti-human D-Dimer monoclonal antibody conjugated with fluorescence latex and another anti-human D-Dimer monoclonal antibody coated on the test line. After the sample has been applied to the test strip, the fluorescence latex-labelled anti-human D-Dimer monoclonal antibody binds with the D-Dimer in sample and forms a marked antigen-antibody complex. This complex moves to the test card detection zone by capillary action. Then marked antigen-antibody complex is captured on the test line by the anti-human D-Dimer monoclonal antibody. The fluorescence intensity of the test line increases in proportion to the amount of D-Dimer in sample. Then insert test card into the Fluorescent Immunoassay Analyzer FIA7100, the concentration of D-Dimer in sample will be determined and displayed on the screen.

General Description

D-Dimers are specific cross-linked fibrin derivatives that are the product of plasmin-mediated fibrinolytic degradation. D-Dimer results from complete breakdown of the clot. They are an excellent marker of fibrinolytic activity. Elevated levels of D-Dimer are an indication of active fibrinolysis and have been shown in patients with heart attacks, disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC), deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and pulmonary embolism. A D-Dimer test can also be used to check how well a treatment is working. This kit is intended to use in quantitative detection of D-Dimer content in human plasma or whole blood.

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