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CDIATM Influenza A Virus Antigen Colloidal Gold Test Kit, Cloaca/Trachea/Stool (DTS775)

* For research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Intended Use

This test cassette adopts immunochromatographic colloidal gold system for the direct, rapid and qualitative detection of nucleoprotein (NP) antigen of Influenza A Virus in human nasopharyngeal aspirates, swabs, nasal wash, chicken embryo whole virus inoculation or viral lysates, etc. It is intended for clinical identification influenza type-A viruses. The use of the colloidal gold system provides rapid, reliable and safe diagnostic method for detection of Flu-A within 15 minutes.
  • Cloaca, trachea and Stool
  • Kit
  • 82.10%

Product Introduction

General Description
Influenza A virus is a genus of the Orthomyxoviridae family of viruses and includes only one species, which causinfluenza in birds and some mammals. Strains of all subtypes of influenza A virus have been isolated from wild birds, although disease is uncommon. Some isolates of influenza A virus cause severe disease both in domestic poultry and, rarely, in humans. Influenza A viruses are negative sense, single-stranded, segmented RNA viruses. There are several subtypes, labeled according to an H number (for the type of hemagglutinin) and an N number (for the type of neuraminidase). There are 16 different H antigens (H1 to H16) and nine different N antigens (N1 to N9). In June 2009, World Health Organization declared that flu due to a new strain of swine-origin H1N1 was responsible for the 2009 flu pandemic. The new influenza A(H1N1) appears to be as contagious as seasonal influenza, and is spreading fast particularly among young people (from ages 10 to 45). The severity of the disease ranges from very mild symptoms to severe illnesses that can result in death. The majority of people who contract the virus experience the milder disease and recover without antiviral treatment or medical care. Of the more serious cases, more than half of hospitalized people had underlying health conditions or weak immune systems. CD Flu A (Ag) colloidal gold rapid tests make it applicable as a influenza A antigen detection test-providing rapid, relevant information to assist with specific antiviral intervention and other clinical or support decisions.

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