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CDIATM Malachite Green Immunofluorescence Test Strip, Fish and Shrimp (DTSJYJ054)

* For research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Intended Use

The CDIATM Malachite Green Immunofluorescence Test Strip (Fish and Shrimp) is designed for qualitative determination of malachite green in fish, shrimp and other aquatic products.
  • Fish, Shrimp
  • Kit
  • Qualitative: 0.5 ppb

Principle Of The Test

The Test is a competitive binding immunoassay in which malachite green in a sample compete with immobilized malachite green conjugate for limited labeled antibody binding sites. When a sufficient amount of specimen is applied to the sample pad of the test device, the specimen migrates through the test device by capillary action. The malachite green in the sample combines with the antibody labeled with the fluorescent microspheres, and inhibits the binding of the antibody and malachite green-BSA on the NC membrane test line (T line) , thus resulting in changes in the fluorescence intensity of the test line. Using the fluorescence reader, We can get the final test result.

General Description

Malachite green is an organic compound that is used as a dyestuff and controversially as an antimicrobial in aquaculture. Malachite green is traditionally used as a dye for materials such as silk, leather, and paper. MG is active against the oomycete Saprolegnia, which infects fish eggs in commercial aquaculture, MG has been used to treat Saprolegnia and is used as an antibacterial. It is a very popular treatment against Ichthyophthirius multifiliis in freshwater aquaria. The principal metabolite, LMG, is found in fish treated with malachite green, and this finding is the basis of controversy and government regulation. This kit is intended used in quantitative detection of malachite green in Aquatic products.

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