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CDIATM Parvovirus B19 Test Kit (DTS623)

* For research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Intended Use

CD Parvo B19 is a one-step immunochromatographic test for the rapid and convenient screening of Parvo B19 antibodies in serum, plasma or whole blood samples in acute phase of disease.
  • Serum
  • Kit

Product Introduction

General Description

Human parvovirus B19 is small nonenveloped DNA virus, the icosahedral capsid of which consists of structural proteins of twotypes. The minor protein is called VP1 and the major protein VP2.

Infection by the parvo B19 virus may lead to a wide range of diseases. In the early phase of infection, virus-induced cessation oferythropoiesis among predisposed subjects can lead to abrupt anemia, aplastic or hypoplastic crisis. In immunocompromisedindividuals persistent parvovirus infection can cause prolonged bone marrow failure. Fifth disease (erythema infectiosum) occursfrequently in children and young adults and its associated with varying forms of autoimmune phenomena and transient,sometimes prolonged arthropathy, especially older individuals. B19 infrection during the first two trimester of pregnancy can leadto fetal hydrops and/or fetal death.

Principle Of The Test

The functional parts of CD Parvo B19 are the filter and the chromatographic membrane. Both contain immunological reagents ina dehydrated state which are rehydrated by the diluted sample during the assay process. A stationary reagent line has beenapplied into the membrane. The reagent line is otherwise invisible, but if the serum or whole blood sample passing throughmembrane contains antibodies to the acute phase specific Parvo B19 peptide, the line turns distinctly red under formation of adyed antigen-antibody-anti human IgG-complex in the test line (=reagent line). The membrane contains also another stationaryline in the control window invisible before use of the test. This control line turns red during the assay process, thus indicatingproper performance of the test device.

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