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CDIATM sulfamethoxazole Test Strip (DTS017)

* For research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Intended Use

The Sulfamethoxazol Residue Rapid Tes t Device is us ed to qualitative detection of Sulfam ethoxazol in honey sam ples at the sens itivity of 10 μ g/kg ( 10 ppb) . It only takes approx. 20 - 30 m in.
  • Honey
  • Strip
  • 10 μg/kg

Product Introduction

Sulfam ethoxazol (SMZ) is a broad spectrum antibiotic which is widely us ed as bacterios tatic agents in animal husbandry and veterinary practice. Combined with inhibitors of dihydrofolate reductas e s uch as trim ethoprim, tetroxoprim , or pyrimethamine Sulfam ethoxazol are als o us ed in veterinary m edicine for the treatm ent of intes tinal infections , mastitis , pulmonitis and other (systemic) diseases . However, it leads side effects of hemato-toxic, agranulocytos is , hypersens itiveness . It will affect urinary system and cranial nerves s ys tem . Therefore, it is possible that Sulfadiazine residues , after us e in illegal practice, may lead to a ris k for consumers.
The test utilizes monoclonal gold conjugated antibody as a s ignal reagent and a Sulfam ethoxazol protein conjugate as a solid phase capture reagent. As the s ample flows through the absor-bent s ample pad, the liquid recons titutes the dried m onoclonal gold conjugate. The Sulfam ethoxazol in the s am ple will bind to this conjugate antibody and migrate further up the membrane to the test line. If there is no Sulfam ethoxazol in the s am ple, the antibody conjugate will bind to the test line giving a negative result, while in the oppos ite, the antibody conjugate will not bind to the tes t line giving a pos itive result.

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