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CDIATM Sulfonamides Test Strip (DTS008)

* For research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Intended Use

Sulfonamides device is for rapid test to qualitatively detect the Sulfonamides in milk sample at the sensitivity of 50-200
  • Milk
  • Strip
  • SMZ

Product Introduction


Sulfonamide is the basis of several groups of drugs. The original antibacterial sulfonamides (sometimes called simply sulfa drugs) are synthetic antimicrobial agents that contain the sulfonamide group. Some sulfonamides are also devoid of antibacterial activ-ity, e.g., the anticonvulsant sultiame. The sulfonylureas and thi-azide diuretics are newer drug groups based on the antibacterial sulfonamides. Sulfa allergies are common, hence medications containing sulfonamides are prescribed carefully. It is important to make a distinction between sulfa drugs and other sulfur-containing drugs and additives, such as sulfates and sulfites, which are chemically unrelated to the sulfonamide group, and do not cause the same hypersensitivity reactions seen in the sul-fonamides.

Competitive assays are primarily used for testing small mole-cules. If Sulfonamides is present in the sample it will therefore bind with the conjugate and will be labelled. As the sample mi-grates along the membrane and reaches the capture zone an excess of labelled antibody will bind to the immobilised antigen so that no visible line is produced. The bound conjugate will then bind to the antibodies in the control zone producing a visible control line. A single control line on the membrane is a positive result. Two visible lines in the capture and control zones is a negative result. However, if an excess of unlabelled Sulfona-mides is not present, a weak line may be produced in the capture zone, indicating an inconclusive result.

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