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Ethyl Glucuronide (EtG)

Rapid CDIATM Ethyl glucuronide Test kits are intended to screen for the presence of Ethyl glucuronide in human urine.

Ethyl glucuronide (EtG) is a metabolite of ethanol which is formed in the body by glucuronidation following exposure to ethanol, usually from drinking alcoholic beverages. It is used as a biomarker to test for ethanol use and to monitor alcohol abstinence in situations where drinking is prohibited, such as by the military, in alcohol treatment programs, in professional monitoring programs (health professionals, attorneys, airline pilots in recovery from addictions), in schools, liver transplant clinics, or in recovering alcoholic patients.

  • Target: Ethyl Glucuronide
  • Method: Colloidal Gold
  • Sample:  Urine
  • Size: 25T
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