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Fentanyl (FEN)

Rapid CDIATM Fentanyl Test kits are intended to screen for the presence of fentanyl in human urine.

Fentanyl is an extremely fast-acting synthetic narcotic analgesic, of high potency(approximately 100 to 200 times that of morphine) and short duration of action. Pharmaceutical fentanyl has been available since 1963 as an anaesthetic supplement, and is available as a citrate salt for I.V or I.M injection. Transdermal patches are also available for management of chronic pain or for breakthrough cancer pain. Due to the lipophilicity of the drug, fentanyl rapidly crosses the blood-brain barrier, producing fast and pronounced CNS effect, such as a heightened euphoria and respiratory depression, and possible toxic effects which include muscle rigidity, seizures, coma, and hypotension. Fentanyl also has similar tolerance and physical dependence properties to those of morphine.

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