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Imidacloprid (ICP)

Rapid CDIATM Imidacloprid kits are intended to use as a rapid method to detect the presence of imidacloprid in in agricultural products.

Imidacloprid is a systemic insecticide which acts as an insect neurotoxin and belongs to a class of chemicals called the neonicotinoids. Imidacloprid belongs to the first generation neonicotinoids, and has been used to protect a wide range of crops such as vegetables, rice, cotton, fruit, tobacco and cereals. Imidacloprid is the most widely used insecticide of this class. One of the most serious problems of the neonicotinoids is their toxicity to honey bees. As a consequence of the wide application of neonicotinoids, their residues may occur in agricultural products such as fruits and vegetables and, potentially, pose a hazard for consumers.

  • Target: Imidacloprid
  • Method: Colloidal Gold
  • Sample:  Agricultural Products
  • Size: 25T
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