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Ketamine (KET)

Rapid CDIATM Ketamine Test kits are intended to screen for the presence of ketamine in human urine/saliva.

Ketamine is a drug used in human and veterinary medicine. Ketamine has a wide range of effects in humans, including analgesia, anesthesia, hallucinations and elevated blood pressure. Ketamine is primarily used for the induction and maintenance of general anesthesia, usually in combination with a sedative. The common way to abuse ketamine is smoking, inhalants, intravenous injection or drink. Ketamine is metabolized mostly into metabolites and only 5% of the prototype. The drug is metabolized quickly in the body, and usually can be detected within 2-3 hours after smoking.

  • Target: Ketamine
  • Method: Colloidal Gold
  • Sample:  Urine
  • Size: 25T
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