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Olaquindox Metabolite (MQCA)

Rapid CDIATM Olaquindox Metabolite kits are intended to use as a rapid method to detect the presence of olaquindox metabolite in meat.

Olaquindox (OLA) is related to quinoxaline-N-dioxide, which is an antimicrobial drug that is used as a growth promoter to improve the feed conversion efficiency and to increase the rate of weight gain in livestock farming. But it may lead to carcinogenic, mutagenic, and photoallergenic effects. 3-methyl-quinoxaline-2-carboxylic acid (MQCA) is the last major remaining detectable metabolite of OLA in animals and is the marker substance for OLA that was designated by the WHO/FAO Joint Expert Committee on Feed Additives (JECFA) in 1995.

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