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QTTM Trimethoprim Test Strip (DTSJZ016)

* For research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Intended Use

This kit is used for rapid qualitative analysis of Trimethoprim (TMP) in raw milk, pasteurized milk and UHT milk.
  • milk
  • kit
  • 25 μg/L (ppb)

Reagents And Materials Provided

1. Test strip: 8 strips and 8 wells in plastic bottle, 12 bottles
2. Kit insert: 1pcs

Principle Of The Test

This Kit is based on competitive lateral flow immunochromatographic assay. The TMP -conjugate in the test zone will capture the immuno-gold (colloid gold-TMP antibody conjugate), when there is very little dissociative TMP in the samples. A visible red test line indicates a negative result when the control line (C line) shows that the card is valid. The test line (T line) will be not visible if Trimethoprim is present in concentration of 25 ppb and above which explains a positive result.

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