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Gold Conjugation Kits

Gold Conjugation Kits

Nanoparticle-protein conjugates hold great promise in biomedical applications, including lateral flow point-of-care assays, microscopy, flow cytometry, and dynamic light scattering. 

Protein passive adsorption utilizes the property of non-functionalized standard gold nanoparticles to readily bind proteins when the pH of the solution is slightly above the isoelectric point of the protein to be conjugated. This is a very complex non-specific binding process governed by ionic, van der Waals, and hydrophobic forces. 

This strategy does not provide a permanent attachment and has several drawbacks such as lost of protein properties for tertiary structure changes or steric hindrance from the binding gold particles. Despite these drawbacks, passive adsorption remains popular. Creative Diagnostics offers convenient one-step adsorptive gold conjugation kits.

In comparison to passive adsorption, covalent coupling permanently immobilizes molecules of interest to functionalized gold nanoparticles. This strategy overcomes steric hindrance and tertiary structure changes in passive adsorption. These simple one-step conjugation kits without pre-activation requirements are ideal for screening and optimization purposes prior to scale-up production. 

We provide covalent conjugation kits activated by NHS, ultrastable conjugation kits withstand the most extreme conditions (e.g. 1M NaCl or 2.5M NaOH at 70℃ for >1 hour) and Oriented conjugation kits reducing unspecific reaction.

We also provide other conjugation kits you can activate the gold particles by yourself with the reagents provided in the kits and then covalently attach your antibodies or proteins to these activated gold nanoparticles.

Gold nanoparticles of different diameters are available for these conjugation kits. Customized components are available upon request. For further information, please feel free to inquire.

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