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Animal Diseases Tests (Animal health)

Animal Diseases Tests

Climate change and globalization contribute to outbreaks of animal diseases such as anthrax, brucellosis, parasitic illnesses, bovine tuberculosis, bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), foot-and-mouth disease and certain strains of influenza viruses. These diseases not only pose a threat to livestock farmers for their high mortality, but also threaten the whole population because some diseases are transmissible to humans, such as influenza, rabies, anthrax, Francisella tularensis, Ebola virus disease.

By testing the proteins of pathogens (such as PAV antigen, FMDV-NSP) or the produced specific antibody (such as Leishmania Ab), veterinary diagnostics are used to prevent, monitor, control and eradicate animal diseases found in companion (pets) and food animals (livestock and production animals). This not only help the farmer avoid the heavy economic losses, but also prevent the transmission of disease into human populations.

To aid the control and inhibition of the spread of the animal disease, Creative Diagnostics supplies high quality products as follows:


 E.coli (stool)  AIV (secretion)
 B. Canis (serum/whole blood/plasma)  F.tularensis (serum/plasma)
 WSSV (tissue)  FPV (rectum/faeces)
 Giardia (stool)  AIV, NDV (Serum, plasma)
 Heartworm (serum, plasma, whole blood)  BHV1 (tissue)
 IBDV (secretion, Avian cloaca secretion or Bursa of Fabricious)  C. perfringens (tissue)
 IFV (swab material from nose and throat, tissue culture samples)  C. psittaci (Avian cloaca)
 CDV (serum/plasma/blood/mucus/saliva)  M.bovis (serum)
 CDV, CAV (serum)  NDV (serum, plasma, secretions)
 CDV, CIV (serum)  PCV-II (serum)
 CIRD-3 (serum)  PPRV (serum)
 CPV (serum/rectum/faeces)  PPV (Stool or secretions from rectum)
 CPV, CCV (stool)  PRRSV (serum)
 CPV, CCV, Giardia (stool)  Rabies Virus (Saliva, brain homogenates)
 CSFV (serum)  Rota/Corona/F5 (K99)/Crypto/C. perf. (stool)
 Rotavirus (stool)  Brucella (serum/plasma/whole blood)
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