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Sample Pad (serum special) Raw Materials


In addition to the rapid test strips we provided over a number of years, Creative Diagnostics also supplies raw materials needed in the manufacture of in-vitro diagnostic test kits. Our raw material products include sample pad, absorbent pad,gold colloidal conjugate pad,nitrocellulose (NC) membrane, PVC adhesive backing, plastic cassette,plastic bottle and tube,medical extraction plastic pipette tube, fecal collection tube,plastic E-liquid dropper bottle and auxiliary materials such as silica gel desiccant, plastic rapid test strip canister, aluminum foil bag, adhesive tape, max label line. Quality and Reputation of our raw materials have positioned our company as the preferred supplier for some of the most important IVD manufacturers.


Raw Materials Complete kits offer you the rapid, convenient, and most importantly cost-effective supplies of all the raw materials you need for rapid test diagnostics production. The materials in complete kits are quality guaranteed products recommended by senior technicians after the strict screening.


Whole Blood Separator. Given the increasing demand for whole-blood assays, Creative Diagnostics offers whole blood separators that meet the strict requirements of the rapid diagnostic market. Our blood separators for lateral flow immunoassays enable whole-blood analysis without centrifugation or red blood cell lysis.


The specification and design of all above-mentioned raw materials can be customized upon request. For further information, please inquire.


 Raw Materials  Cat#  Size  Thickness (mm±0.05)  Color  Weight (g/m)  Material
 Conjugate Pad (universal)  DGC001  21cm*30cm  0.41  white  77.8  Glass fiber membrane
 Sample Pad (Universal)  DSP001  21cm*30cm  0.56  white  60  Glass fiber membrane
 Sample Pad (serum special)  DSPS02  21cm*30cm  0.6  white  65  Glass fiber membrane
 Sample Pad (Milk special)  DSPM01  21cm*30cm  0.8  white  120  Glass fiber membrane
 Whole blood separator  DSPWB02  1.7cm*30cm  0.36  white  57  Glass fiber membrane
 Absorbent pad  DAP001  20cm*30cm  0.65  white  280  Pure cotton linter pulp
 Raw materials complete kit  RMC001  Inquiry

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