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Infectious Disease Tests

Infectious Disease Tests

Infectious diseases are disorders caused by organisms, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites.  Over the past years, millions of people got sick of or died of infectious diseases. To demonstrate the presence or absence of infection, or to detect evidence of a previous infection, a diagnostic test for an infectious agent can be applied. The correct and quick diagnostics is critical for the next-step clinical management and for choosing appropriate disease control activities. The principle to select diagnostic methods is to be accurate, simple and affordable. For some infections, early diagnosis and treatment play an important role in preventing the development of the long-term disease.

Many infectious diseases have similar signs and symptoms. Samples of your body fluids such as blood and urine can sometimes reveal evidence of the particular microbe that's causing your illness. Creative Diagnostics provides a variety of lateral flow rapid test strips, cards and cassettes for the detection of a wide range of pathogenic micro-organisms including bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungi, as well as the detection of the presence of antibodies related to infectious diseases. The highly sensitive, accurate, cost-effective and easy-to-use CD diagnostic tests make a big contribution to the determination of previous and present infectious diseases in research institutes, at the hospital and at home.

Check the following lists to choose the diseases you want to test:

 H.Pylori (serum/whole blood/stool)     Cryptococcus (whole blood/plasma/serum/cerebral spinal fluid)
 C. Trachomatis (urine/swab/blood)     Dengue (serum)
 IFV(dloaca/trachea/stool)     ADV (serum, plasma)
 AlphaToxin (tissue)     Campylobacter (stool)
 Clostridium Difficile (stool)     Cryptosporidium, Giardia (stool)
 Adenovirus-Rotavirus (stool)     Astrovirus(stool)
 B.anthracis (meat/milk)     Bovine coronaviruses (stool/tissue/pulmonary parenchyma)
 Bacterial Vaginosi (vaginal fluid)     C. Perfringens (tissue/serum/plasma)
 Cryptosporidium (Stool)     EBV (serum/plasma/whole blood)
 Entamoeba(stool)     Enterovirus (faeces)
 EV(serum)     GAS(throat swab specimens)
 GBS (female vaginal swab)     HAV(serum/plasma)
 HBV(serum/whole blood)     HCV(serum/whole blood/plasma)
 HEV(serum/plasma)     HIV(serum/plasma/blood)
 Hydatidosis (serum)     L.Pneumophila (environmental samples/urine/stool)
 Leishmania (serum)     M.Pneumoniae (serum)
 Malaria(whole blood)     N.gonorrhoeae (swab)
 Norovirus (stool)     RSV (tissue)
 S.typhi (serum/plasma)     T.cruzi (serum/plasma/whole blood)
 TB (serum)     TP (serum/plasma/whole blood)
 Vaginal Yeast (vaginal discharge)     Parvo (serum/stool)
 Shigella (stool)     HSV (Mucocutaneous lesions swab)
 V. Cholerae (stool/water)     Filariasis (whole blood/plasma/serum)
 Zika (serum/plasma/whole blood)     Trypanosomiasis (blood)
 CPE (culture swab)     Coxsachievirus (serum/plasma)
 Procalcitonin (plasma/serum)     Rubella (serum/plasma/whole blood)
 S. pneumoniae (urine)     SAA (serum)
 EHEC(stool)    Mononucleosis(serum)
 Stx (stool)    T.Vaginalis (vagina secretion sample)
 Leptospira (serum/plasma/whole blood)     Cytomegalovirus (serum/plasma/whole blood)
 Yersinia pestis (culture fluid /clinical specimens/contaminants)