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Fertility Tests

Fertility Tests

Unplanned pregnancy rate and the prevalence of infertility issues across the world bring a huge market requirement for fertility and pregnancy rapid tests. A 2014 report by Gutt matcher institute suggested that 615,000 US women aged 15 to 19 become pregnant each year, while 82% of these pregnancies are unwanted. In developing countries like India, 76 girls out of 1000, aged 15-19 become pregnant each year. The global Fertility and pregnancy rapid tests market is expected to grow at a significant growth rate in the forecast period (2012-2025) due to the accurate and rapid results provided by these tests and innovation in test kits.

Creative Diagnostics have designed a series of lateral flow rapid test kits to meet customers' multiple needs in different periods. By detecting the presence of various female hormones in urine samples, CD' LHB rapid test kit or FSH rapid test kit measures luteinizing hormone or Follicle stimulating hormone concentration to give you the optimum time range for conceiving, while our HCG test targets human chorionic gonadotropin hormone to inform you about your pregnancy as early as the first day of your missed period. We also have the FFN rapid test that can detect human fetal fibronectin to help you to determine if a preterm delivery is likely to occur. All rapid test kits are one-step tests that can provide you the result rapidly with easy operation.

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