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White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV)


Rapid CDIATM WSSV rapid  kits are intended to detect the WSSV infection in aid to the diagnosis and control.

White spot syndrome virus (WSSV) is a highly infectious viral pathogen that causes mass mortality in farmed penaeid shrimps worldwide. WSSV has been known as the most prevalent, widespread and lethal to most of the commercially cultivated penaeid shrimp species.

Clinical signs of infected shrimps

  • White spots on carapace and last
  • abdominal segment
  • Body colour becomes pale





 Mortality rate
Cumulative mortality of up to 100% within 3 -10 days after infection


Infected shrimp types

Penaeus monodon, Marsupenaeus japonicus, Litopenaeus vannamei and Fenneropenaeus indicus


Mode of transmission

Transmitted vertically by trans-ovum, consumption of infected tissue (e.g. cannibalism, predation, etc.), and by water-borne routes. Dead and moribund animals can be a source of disease transmission.

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